Barborka: “I would Recommend the “Mission Work with Children and Youth” Program to Everyone!”

I am very excited about my study program ‘Mission Work with Children and Youth.’ I had hoped to get into a good university but was not successful in my first attempt. At first I felt bad, but later, I found this was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I have finally found direction for my life and have learned that God is my strong refuge. I have found answers to my many questions during the study of Old and New Testament in school. I am sure these answers have directed me to the right path.

This program of study has opened many doors for me. I can not only dream about things now, but also realize those dreams. One of them was my study visit in America. This trip was made possible because the Bible School in Martin has so many friends abroad.

I visited Concordia University in Chicago, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. There is a preschool at the university called the Early Childhood Education Center. The students at the university are able to get ‘real-world’ practice, working with the children at the preschool. While in Chicago during the summer, I was also able to practice teaching at this preschool.

I have dreamed about being a preschool teacher my whole life. I am so happy that my study program is leading me to fulfill that dream. Now, in my last year at the university, I see that I can use everything that I have learned during my study. A new preschool opened this year at the Center for Christian Education in Martin. I hope that my next steps will lead me there! :)

Today, I encourage everyone to consider the study program ‘Mission Work with Children and Youth’ because the blessings that students experience here, they will not get anywhere else.

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