Anniversary of Ján Bohdan Hroboň

“Your words were a joy for me and solace (consolation) to my heart.” (Jer 15, 16). These are the words of Jeremiah, which Pastor Ján Bohdan Hroboň, (Bohdan’s father) would always quote whenever he came to speak to our local church. He would then open the Bible and encourage believers to follow along in their Bibles as well.

On Sunday, March 10 of this year we celebrated the life of Pastor Ján Bohdan Hroboň on what would have been his 75th birthday. Many believers from all of Slovakia came to Martin for this event. This commemorative celebration had a uniqueness all its own due to such a large gathering of people who held in common countless personal memories of their blessed Pastor Ján Bohdan Hroboň.

Docent Miloš Kovačka recalled pastor Hroboň’s in a magnificent sermon. Miloš Kovačka’s style of speaking reminded us of blessed Ján Bohdan Hroboň´s own preaching and liturgy – a liturgy powerfully resonant and challenging yet easy to understand. “This liturgy radiates joyful Christianity,” said docent Kovačka at the end of his intercession.

After the Commemoration Celebration in the church, all believers gathered at the National Cemetery in Martin where the grave of Pastor J. B. Hroboň is located, to further honor his memory. Later that afternoon, people met again in the Bible School in Martin to celebrate Pastor Hroboň’s birthday with many pictures and excerpts from many of his latter sermons in the church. Throughout this memorable event choirs from both Martin and Bratislava presented wonderful music for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Paul and Mary Ellen Berge says:

    We remember with great love the life and witness of pastor Jan Bohdan Hrobon. His vision for creating a center for Christian education in Martin has become a reality over these fifteen years with the Lutheran Elementary School, the Bible School and the Lutheran congregation in Martin, all now identified under the name: Center for Christian Education. His vision has inspired many of us in the partnership we share in Christ.
    Our greetings to Milada and all your family.
    Blessed be his memory. Mary Ellen and Paul

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