Kristin Petras: Why Are You Going There For Mission Work?

We travel to Slovakia for the potential exponential impact our service can have. For me, this fourth trip to Slovakia really brought home to me how much of an impact the ministry of the CCE has in Slovakia and across the world, and how much God is using this ministry to bring people back to Him in this post-communist time. I would like to tell a story to illustrate God´s work in the hearts of the people of Eastern Europe.

We travel to Slovakia to serve the CCE and help them get classrooms ready for the next school year, but during the process, we have also taught them how to be missionaries! This is a completely different way of life for those who lived under the communist regime their entire lives and a true testament to the presence of God´s work in this ministry. The CCE is now serving others in Martin, all of Slovakia, and even in Ukraine and South Korea!

I even noticed a difference in the church services this year. Pastor Milan preached from the Gospel of Mark about putting your light on the lamppost for all to see instead of hiding it under a bushel. He encouraged the congregation to make the world their mission field. During communism they had to keep their light under a bushel, and even then some were imprisoned or persecuted for their faith. Now God is encouraging them to use this time of freedom to get His story of love out to the world.

Over 15 years of vision have blossomed into a powerful ministry. God has truly blessed the CCE with an amazing staff with hearts of gold. They could be using their talents in the corporate world making more money, but instead they have chosen to be a part of this ministry because they too know how important it is.

This trip has really given me a fresh view of this ministry. They are no longer completely dependent on our service or financial support, but we are true partners in ministry. They help because we help. Our role as Americans has been to teach them how to help themselves and hot to minister to others. I am very excited to see where God takes this ministry in the next 15 years!

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