Students Help Children in Cancer Ward

Our God is faithful and gracious—He always gives us what we need. We are leading our students to believe this, and we are teaching them that it is good to share their time, love, and friendship with others. This is a privilege all Christians have! We have been given to freely, so we must freely give to others (Mt 10,8).

This is the third year the students from the Lutheran Elementary School have been involved in social projects. Last year, they helped refugees and individuals granted political asylum. The school project two years ago helped kids from the Ukraine. Director Jozef Sopoliga explains why the children wanted to help. “Our students have a good school and they have learned they should think about others and help them.”

There were a lot of smiles on the faces of the sick children in the hospital. Children and students spent a half day together, enjoying each other, and forming new friendships.“I am really happy our students didn’t forget the tradition of helping in our school. I was quite surprised when I saw the great willingness to give in many of the student’s faces,” said Coordinator of Social Projects, Lenka Gajdosova. The main doctor Lenka was also very thankful for the practical acts, as well as the love she saw in the attitudes of our students. “We are really happy that the students didn’t forget school tradition and continued helping and sharing their joy with sick children in hard situations.”

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