PR Person of Center for Christian Education is a intern in Vancouver, WA

When I think about God’s future plans for me, I realize that His intentions are often different than my expectations. I think this happens because God is adding huge slices of love, joy, friendship, understanding, and personal growth to the things He has planned for me.

I came to Vancouver for the first time, four years ago. I was a student at the Bible School in Martin, Slovakia, at the time. During the following years, I grew up, finished studying at the Bible school, and got my doctorate in journalism. I recently got married, and I have also really come closer to God. I have come to realize that I want my life and job to be ministry in God’s vineyard.

I received the offer for the job from Bohdan Hroboň, director of the Bible school, in September one year ago. Now I am one of the staff members at the Bible school. I work at the place where I recently sat at the school desks and got to know the truth of the Bible. This is God’s amazing plan for me!

The Center for Christian Education (CCE) includes a Bible school, Lutheran preschool, Lutheran elementary school and college. We will also be starting a Lutheran high school next September. CCE is unique in Slovakia because it allows Christian education which had been, for a long time, forbidden by the Communist government. Christian education, which creates a personal relationship between man and God, is happening now for all of ages at CCE – from preschool to college. The Bible school also provides three other subjects: Bible study, pastoral study and missiology so adults can grow in faith too. We are pleased by the fact that after forty years, the Communism regime has finally ended in the minds of many people. They are becoming Christians, so they come to CCE and they want to study the Bible!

I am the Public Relations person at CCE, and my task is to introduce all of the activities of CCE to Slovak’s readers through our media. Through the media, I notify our society about everything that is happening at CCE. Not only me, but the whole CCE staff, want to share with you the joyful knowledge of God’s grace and love which we can feel every day. Therefore, after four years, I have come back to New Heights Church in Vancouver, WA as a director of communication. I am learning better English and different styles of writing. I believe that you will understand the news from CCE much better in your own language than in Slovak. ;)

I have to confess that creating articles is not hard work for me in the Slovak language, but it is a challenge in English! However, God is still the author of every story in every language. I just have the great pleasure of being His extending hands ☺. It is amazing to write and be a part of His plan in both languages!

Hedwiga Tkáčová
Director of Communication in Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia

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2 Responses to PR Person of Center for Christian Education is a intern in Vancouver, WA

  1. Laurence Thomas says:

    So good to see your smiling face again! Your article is inspiring, and your English is better than most Americans (especially Engineers!) How long will you be in Washington? Priscilla and I, and hopefully our youngest daughter, Erica will be coming to Martin again in July. We would love to see you! In any case, keep writing so we can follow your amazing journey.

  2. Brenda Fast says:

    Hedwi, what a lovely article. You are an Fast English learner!!!!!

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