Vitamins Week—Fun and Healthy!

Did you know that peaches and cranberries promote appetite, lemons help with reflux and grapes and pears are very good for our thinking processes? These things are truly part of “God’s Pharmacy.” Students from our Lutheran Elementary School in Martin spent a whole week researching this and discovered that health hides in fruits and vegetables.

Our October at the Lutheran Elementary School began in a fun and healthy way. The Project was called “Vitamins Week” and was not just about food. This year, the fun was extended by the children being allowed to wear colorful clothes, too.

The first few days in October were characterized by the students wearing the colors of our favorite fruits and vegetables. On ‘Red Monday,’ we were dressed in red sweatshirts and sweaters. We munched on red peppers and tomatoes. On ‘Green Tuesday,’ we had crunchy green apples and salads, cucumbers and spinach. Wednesday was ‘yellow’ day and we enjoyed bananas, peaches and lemons. ‘Purple Thursday’ was the most challenging day. Creating foods and snacks from plums and eggplant was especially hard for the parents! :) Our vitamins week ended on Friday and the color orange. The favorite foods for this last day were oranges and ripe pumpkins.

Vitamins Week was not just about food. The goal of the project was improved lifestyle and healthier eating. The other part of the project was reflecting on the many gifts God has given us. The crops in our fields are not a matter of course. It is important that we offer our sincere thanks to God for His gifts, which are on our tables every day.


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