Your Giving Reveals Where Your Treasure Is

We are not always willing to share with others. We justify the reluctance to give with the fact that it is us who do not have enough. It might not be true sometimes. Often we have more than we deserve or we are able to manage. Our God is faithful and gracious – He always gives us enough of what we need. We teach this to our children.We teach them that sharing with what we own is a privilege of children of Christ. “Freely you have received; freely give.” (Mt. 10:8)

Second graders at the Lutheran Elementary School in Martin know this biblical truth. They have decided to share what they had received. They collected toys and treats that they had found in their stockings at St. Nicolas day and gave them to the kids hospitalized at Martin hospital.

The children confined to hospital room did not hide their excitement over their peers’ visit. The children spent the afternoon together sharing the treats and building new friendships. Financial cuts in hospital support meant that St. Nicolas could not bring little gifts to hospitalized children as he had done years before. The treats from the LES second graders thus came as a great and truly appreciated surprise. When the children were leaving, the head nurse expressed her genuine gratitude when she said: Your visit has made our day. Thank you.

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