HOW BEAUTIFUL AND NICE… (Psm 133) – Mission Ukraine 2011

This summer, nine people went on a mission to the Ukraine. They were blessed by workers of Bible school, Lutheran elementary school and community of church in Martin. Shortly after the blessings they left for their third Ukrainian mission trip.

Messages and observations about them were presented in the Bible School’s lecture hall attended by many of the mission’s supporters and sympathizers. They came to watch the presentation, videos and listen to memories of participants at the mission. Most of them were interested about the lives and living conditions of children in Ukraine, especially topics like adoption, establishing friendships, and the further continuation of the mission too. Members of the missionary team would like to thank all who attended for their participation and believe that a meeting in this topic will take place next year, too. Of course, next year’s meeting will share new experiences and blessings which God has prepared for us next year in the Ukraine. That will be their fourth opportunity to hear how beautiful and nice it is serve to our God by talking about Him with kids.

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The thoughts of several participants in the mission team we bring to you, dear readers. We would love to show you how God has worked in the lives of the children of the Ukraine:

“I know that God is omnipotent and everywhere, but just in Ukraine, among children, I somehow sensed His presence more. I am interested in the skill, joy and humility of children and most of all the submission of old people “Janko (Slovak team)

“In Ukraine there is still a lot of work and a lot of what we have to change, but with God all things are possible. Slovaks and Ukrainians are one family united by God because He wants to change children’s hearts. Glory and thanks to Him for it.” Eugenia (the Ukraine team)

“There were a few less children than one year ago but I’m sure God knew that they should be there. The atmosphere was more familiar. Children who were there last year too, have been great for morale, and thus helpful to others who were there for the first time. Later we heard that we gave our testimony to them because we were like one family – without shouting and hurting. They saw another example of person to person access, as commonly seen among their teachers.” Martin (Slovak team)

“I think I learned more listening to God and the children and I realized that children are always in a positive mood, with their skills and wisdom and care for one another. I think that’s true of the Ukrainian children who attended the camp—they taught not only to Slovak children but also adults. I certainly learned.” Mary (Slovak team)

“This year, though there were fewer children, I see children and their leaders much closer and in a friendlier community, both among themselves and between them and God.” Alexander (the Ukraine team)

“The greatest joy I had was when the children would remember the punch line issues that we were taught that day. Maybe we could have something to sow, so now we have to give thanks for their hearts being shaped by the Lord’s Spirit.” Milan (Slovak team)

“This year we have managed to prepare and implement four different camps with the Slovak team, but I cooperated best. Not only do we understand people all the time but I felt like part of one big family.” Alicia (the Ukraine team)

“I am extremely pleased that I got the opportunity to participate in missionary service in the Ukraine a second time. I left a piece of my heart there again! It was a great time with great people and a great God. Thank you!” Dusan (Slovak team)

“I know nothing more beautiful than when God uses a man who helps, serves and blesses another person … This is how I imagine heaven.” Hedwi (Slovak team)


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