Caught in getting to know one another

New freshmen of Mission work with children and youth are getting to know each other

We came at the moment when 21 people were running from side to side, trying to beat their opponent and win. With laughter, the new freshmen begin with the “Zero Week”—a four-day marathon of getting acquainted, fun learning and “SCHOOL”!

Meeting of the youngest students premises from the 22nd to 25th September. Among students, this type of meeting is very much a favorite. It is also the start of the educational process in the field called Missionary Work with Children and Youth (MPDM). The four-day marathon is a time to get to know one another, to obtain information about study, the performance of their teachers, and building new friendships.

The second day of this course found the youngest students in our university in a good mood. No wonder, their role was not unlike the situation of a stranger seeking asylum work in a foreign country. This story also has the difficulty in obtaining visas. In an interview with fictional foreign police, paired students had to prove that they knew everything their partner did! The students had to interview and get to know each other in only thirty minutes.

Among other things, they had to find out about each other: what brand of deodorant they use, what they think about vegetarian dishes, what they would like to find under the Christmas tree, if they were willing to live in a fictitious household with their mother in law, or what size shoes they have. It went over well; in fact this was not about standing up in front of the foreign police. The main purpose of this activity was to interview a partner to know as much as possible and in detail.

In order for these young people to become students in the Mission Work with Children and Youth program, they had to have passed a test of three main knowledge parts: the Bible, theology and ethics and something about work with children and youth. Selection of these “twenty-one” was done in June. Adrián Kacian, academic director of Bible School, listed more than ninety registered students, of whom it was necessary to choose the best ones.

The MPDM student is prepared for educational and training activities in the fields of theology, pedagogy, psychology and sociology. An important part of daily and long term study is the practical learning in children’s and youth teams, such as outdoor school and summer camp. Students can attend part of the study in partner universities abroad (USA, Finland), a summer internship in U.S. congregations, and missionary programs in Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. A graduate of the bachelor program can apply to civil, third sector, and church educational facilities. They are also qualified for a position as coordinator in organizations focused on the leisure activities of children and youth, and in religious facilities.


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  1. Tim & Renee Svoboda says:

    We love the upgrade in the CEC’s newsletter and always look forward to hearing of the great things God is accomplishing through his servants in Martin. Your love of Jesus is a continuing inspiration to your American partners. We send our special good wishes to “Martin #1″ and congratulate him on his confirmation. God Bless!!

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