The formation of teachers at the Lutheran Elementary School – Martin Pilát

Imprint: A full-time first grade teacher at the Lutheran Elementary School who enjoys teaching science, especially natural history. He likes music, nature and fungi. He holds no contempt for good hiking and he enjoys camping. Among other things, he prefers dumplings and tasty stew.

1. Who is Martin Pilát? Let’s introduce yourself

Above all, I am a father to my son, who is five years old, and peaceful type of person. I like teaching children because of their cheerfulness, sincerity, and lots of questions.

2. Yours surname is “Pilat”. That is interesting. What fun you experienced with your surname?

This is enough. (smile) I remember one funny story. My friend Ludo Hroboň played with the children. He would take the caps off their heads. When they asked them back, he would cite the Apostle’s Creed and say: “This is also to have ‘suffered under Pilate’.”

3. I suppose that you had not been an active Christian before your starting on the Lutheran elementary school. When it began to be “serious” with God?

I really began to be with God from the start of my practice in school. I suddenly had to talk to children about God, and it was serious. I was not used to talking about Him publicly although I did not feel an internal split. But suddenly I had to do it. And it built in me a confrontation with my Christianity.

4. Do find you help in this confrontation, in the quest for God, in your realm of the Lutheran Elementary School? If so, how does it specifically help?

What has been the most formative and shaping for me is that the Lutheran Elementary School is an environment where are people are not afraid to talk about faith. It really helps me. The environment is designed so that the teacher is naturally sucked into everything, but not only in one direction. He goes to the worship service, he participates on the morning prayers and Bible study, he meets and chats with the pastor, etc.

5. What do you most like in the workplace which has identified itself as “Christian”, respectively “Lutheran”?

Most of all I like my colleagues and the wider community which all of us create here. With the colleagues from the Lutheran Elementary School I include also people from the Center of Christian education (Bible School) and people from the Lutheran church (the pastor and youth).

6. Hand on your heart, now. In your opinion, what are some disadvantages of a workplace like Lutheran Elementary School?

I don’t know if we can talk about the disadvantages. I think if there was one building for all classes that would be helpful for the Lutheran elementary school. Five buildings are a lot, and this situation has an impact on the dissemination of information among colleagues. I would welcome, therefore, a place where teachers could meet, something like a teaching club.

7. At Sunday, the 10th of September 2011 you were confirmed. Although Confirmation is not a sacrament, it is a solemn acknowledgment of the contract and baptismal promises of faithfulness to Christ and the church. What was the best part of that day?

The best part of Confirmation was my inner feeling. It was excellent. I was happy, I felt joy that I became a member of the community. I am very pleased that my wife was with me.

8. What has changed in your life after Confirmation?

I think this change is not obvious. It is believed; there is a sense that I belong to the Lutheran church and am a part of the sisters and brother in this church and community.


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  1. Brenda Fast says:

    Super Article! AND, the interviewer asked some insightful questions.

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