The team of Christian Learning Center grows

Hedwi Hennelová graduated from the Bible school and has a PhD in Journalism. She is employed and enjoys writing, family and friends every day. She likes music and traveling. She despises anything sweet, and is trying to quit coffee, although she is as yet without success.

1. How did you find yourself in the position of “director of communication”?

I was a student of an accredited three-year program of mission work with children and youth. I studied the Bible, the history of Christianity and dogma because I wanted to know more about who and what I believe. At the same time I was in the final year of my master’s degree in journalism at another university. I thought that the Bible School would be a kind of supplementary education to journalism. It turned out that the opposite is true — Journalism completes what I learned and still learn in the Bible school. Today I’m a doctor of philosophy and I try to use all my knowledge and experiences working in the Bible School.

2. You’re a Christian; what does it mean to you?
It is everything. When I was sixteen, I believed. I knew there was no way going back. I could not pretend that God does not exist and that I do not need it. I am a Christian and it means to me that I live day by day, and I know that whatever happens is God’s will for my life.

3. What is fulfilling about your work at the Centre of Christian Education?
I care about public relations. I am trying to promote the Christian Education Center and to implement its communication strategy. Most of it has to do with the internet, which made me very happy. I consider the web a great tool for promoting the CCE, like education and pastoral care institution. I’m interested in preparing articles and promotional materials too.

4. Is your job also affected by God? How?
Hmm … I think that it is not only my work that is influenced by God. I think He belongs in everything that I do; in all of my thoughts.

5. It seems that Christian Education Centre will have new mailings in September. What news will come?
The English version site of Center for Christian education will be periodically updated on the last week of the month. It will be news from Slovakia and news about lives of believers in Martin. In your mail will come some short information about a few activities in Martin before full articles. It briefly reviews recent events. Full text with photos can you see on the site

6. If we wanted to try the “Slovak site” what will we find there?
The Slovak web site continues as It will be updated more frequently. In addition, there is a facebook page for CCE Martin, which we want to be a live site, built on interactivity and feedback with users. Its goal is to reach potential students and supporters, and also create connections with past students and supporters of the Christian Education Center.

7. What you would point out that users of the site overlooked?
We will add a few attractions on the site on the last week of the month, such as news of what happened our city and church during the previous month. Our friends in America will notice that something of their own was added to the site. All of us can be involved in this story of grace taking place in Martin.

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2 Responses to The team of Christian Learning Center grows

  1. Brenda Fast says:

    Welcome aboard, Hedwi! And congratulations on your new position at the Christian Learning Center.

    We miss you and our other Slovak friends sooooooo much!

    Emmanuel–Brenda Fast

  2. Welcome in CCE Hedwi :)

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