A team of nine missionaries (Stanislav Hronec, Dušan Haško, Slávka Drahošová, Hedviga Hennelová, Ján Bobrík, Svetlana Brndiarová, Milan Kunst, Martin Tkáč, Mária Nicolaouová) from the Lutheran Church and the Bible School in Martin are preparing for “Mission Ukraine”.

What our Ukrainian friends are saying about CCE´s mission:

If you want to support us in this mission, please contact sisa.brndiarova(at)gmail.com

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2 Responses to Mission UKRAINE

  1. Paul and Mary Ellen Berge says:

    It was wonderful to read about your mission trip to the Ukraine and the teaching of children. As you reach out in love and witness to your neighboring nation in the Ukraine, God has blessed your mission work with the children and God has blessed you in the sharing of your faith.

    Mary Ellen and I would like to support your mission work and will include a gift in a wire transfer to the Center for Christian Education.

  2. Dusan Hasko says:

    Thank you for your support our mission work!

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