Sophomores Host „Create with Heart“ Event

Students with their choir teacher and the school´s spiritual singing a christmas carol

On December 8, students in the Lutheran Academy’s Art and Culture class hosted „Create with Heart,“ a gala that benefited the orphanage in the nearby village of Necpaly.

This celebration of art and diversity, held at the Academy, has become an annual tradition that brings together parents, teachers,children, and other guests, drawing them closer to art and an awareness of our human diversity and differing abilities.

The students worked with the children, encouraging their diversity and providing space for creativity. Their gatherings created an opportunity for everyone to express their abilities and skills. The gala showcased the children’s artwork, which was on display and sold at auction (with proceeds benefiting the orphanage).

Lutheran Academy principal Jozef Sopoliga welcomes guests
at the recent „Create with Heart“ gala.

The teens were in charge of all aspects of the event: program, decorations, technology, refreshments, and communication. They wish to thank their teachers Ms. Bosáková and Ms. Sivoňová as well as their parents, their sponsor Ľubica Jakušová of LubitsaStyling, and all the creative children.

„Create with Heart“ was a memorable evening of fellowship and raised 640,- euros for the orphanage. We hope the tradition will continue!

A nicely decorated Christmas tree welcomed guests to the „Create with Heart“ event.

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by Janka Šuchová

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