The Berlin Wall in Martin

This year we remember the 50th anniversary of the erection of the Berlin Wall. The Center for Christian Education, the Lutheran Elementary School and “Nenápadní hrdinovia”, a nonprofit organization focused on remembering the victims of totalitarian regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, presented an exhibition about the life behind the Wall. Our students – from our own elementary school and college-level programs, students from other schools in Martin, as well as the general public could explore and discover valuable information about the dark side of the communist totalitarian regime. The visitors paid their tribute and gratitude to those who suffered under communism in order to bring freedom to people of the Eastern bloc.

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  1. Kathy Blair says:

    This is a valuable tool for your students’ education. It is so important for our children to learn the truth about the history of their country and the influences that shaped how it became what it is today. We can best know where we’re going when we know where we’ve come from. Bravo!

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