In Christ Alone… and Together

Imagine that!

1. The Slovak Martin Lutheran Choir (consisting of people with little to no knowledge of English), singing an English hymn (of course in English)

2. Led by an American Baptist conductor (in the person of Brenda Fast, our ESL volunteer)

3. Accompanied by Martin Youth band

4. Singing at one of the most traditional church occasions – the rite of Confirmation

Impossible? See and hear for yourself:

A World Premiere…

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2 Responses to In Christ Alone… and Together

  1. Sue Sohrweide says:

    Alenka…you are fabulous! ( I hope that was you? :-) What a beautiful voice! And the choir sounded great. One of my favorite songs. Thanks so much fro sharing

  2. Kathy Blair says:

    My dear friend Brenda loves doing this kind of thing and I am not surprised that she was able to teach an English hymn to her Slovak friends! I wish I had been there to worship with you or to sing in the choir with you under her direction. What a blessing!!!

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