Kindergarten Get-Acquainted Kick-Off

The saying goes that the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach. That’s what we hoped as we planned our “Get-Acquainted Kick-Off” for parents and children in the Lutheran kindergarten in Martin in late September. Although this event took place, later than usual, thanks be to God, the party had a great response and exceeded our greatest expectations!

Our event began with an energetic mixer activity involving the parents and children, but the tasty smell of stew quickly drew everyone to the school cafeteria where tables were sagging with delicacies brought by parents. Noise and laughter filled the room! Parents of the older students mingled with the parents of our new students and vice versa. Soon, with a common goal of building future friendships and cooperation, no one felt “new” or “old”. We quickly became not only friends but family.

“We agreed that not only did we want the parents to meet in the hallways and common nursery Sunday school, but we wanted them to extend their friendships into all extracurricular activities”, noted the teacher EMS Zuzka Piatriková.

Teacher EMS Zuzka Piatriková went on to say that, to the parents who had the confidence at our kindergarten’s very beginning that it would succeed both scholastically and spiritually, we give a huge thanks! Furthermore, our students’ parents directed us to gain the support and guidance of the City Council in Martin. Thanks to a grant from our city government the Lutheran Kindergarten was able to provide expanded and modernized space in its facility and thereby reach more children from the town and areas. We therefore express our sincere THANK YOU to the leadership of our city and City Council!

The continuing support of our town also enabled the nursery to add another two classes before the start of this school year, and we were likewise able to refurbish the social facilities for our children. Thanks to these changes, the family of our nursery has grown to 65 children, and five new employees. “We gratefully say that our nursery gained popularity through its friendly family atmosphere. It was always our priority that children and their parents at the nursery would feel satisfied and happy. We want everyone to experience the love of God and neighbor”, observed Teacher Zuzka with a smile.

Our fourth kindergarten school year is now underway. We pray that throughout this year our kindergarten family will “grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

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