Ahoj Builders Group ‘groupees’ and interested parties…

The CCE in Martin continues to ‘Make Miracles Happen’ with the purchase of the TWO buildings (Neografia) adjacent to the Church and School campus. What a miracle this is to acquire these buildings for the future classroom space of the CCE. Even MORE STUDENTS will have the opportunity to attend the CCE in the years to come.

But… there is ALOT of work to be done to renovate this space into classrooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, computer and science labs and teacher offices. With that said if you are the least bit interested in joining a 2016 Builders Group Trip contact Joe and Joann Lunders or Bob and KJ Bach to discuss trip dates. (email KJ or Joe/Joann Lunders)

  1. Jan 18-28 Arr Martin Jan 19, Lv Martin Jan 27 for Krakow, depart Krakow Jan 28.. Trip Leaders: KJ and Bob Bach.
    No extension except to stay one night in Krakow upon deparature. Martin and Krakow in the winter would be beautiful !!
    (ok, so it would be a bit chilly… sweating during the work day would be at a minimum))
  2. Apr 15-30 Arr Martin Apr 16 Lv Europe Apr 30
  3. Apr 22- Apr 30 Arr Martin Apr 23, Lv Europe Apr 30
    Trip Leaders: Joe and Joann Lunders
    5.xtension trip yet to be determined.
    Stay for one or two weeks… either week!

Note that the April trips give flexibility to team members who may not have 2 weeks available to be away. One could come on Apr 15 and leave Martin on Apr 23, depart Vienna Apr 24, or head on your own extension to another part of Europe. Or stay the entire 2 weeks!! The January trip already has 8 people who are ready and willing to get some prep work done for the April teams. The April teams need a minimum of 10 people per flight to get Group Rates.

These Mission Trips are dedicated to all who have been part of the Builders Group since our first group in 2003. The work to be done will be tailored to each individual’s ability. Our desire is to build over 100 ft. of classroom wall made of cinder blocks and then apply the surface coatings. We encourage as many of you as possible to be a part of one of the 2016 (January or April) mission trips! This opportunity should be a memorable reunion for all of us!

The Builders Group needs your help with funding for building materials and supplies during their work weeks. Please prayerfully consider a contribution to the Builders Group by contacting Dr. Paul Berge, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 900 Stillwater Road, Mahtomedi, MN 55115 (pberge@saintandrews.org). Through your contributions, of ANY AMOUNT the Builders Groups will be able to acquire the materials for their goal of ’100 feet of wall’.

Please prayerfully consider these opportunities to serve our Lord with our hands and feet, and to share our gifts and talents with our Slovak friends. Recall our Builders Group motto…. Renovating Rooms…. Renovating Lives! We will never know what lives (or life) this school will change!

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  1. Bob Jandeska says:

    Plan to go in April for 2 weeks and be with Joe and Joann.

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