Lutheran Kindergarten Sends First Class Off to School

Lutheran kindergarten experienced its first farewell to its students. We said goodbye to Small Giraffes, the oldest of our nursery kids, as we saw them off to school.

Throughout the day on June 18, 2015, the kindergarten was full of tears and emotions. Our Small Giraffes were bid farewell. “Everyone had tears in their eyes,” teacher Zuzka Piatriková recalled the last day of her oldest child’s days in kindergarten this year. Zuzka, further recalls the first days spent with children when the kindergarten opened in early September 2012. “Children were with us from the very beginning. When they started as “three-flops” – they were small and tearful. Then, suddenly, they’re clever, wiser and more viable children.” Parents had to be pleasantly surprised by what is hiding in their kids.

The School Year

The nursery farewell with the kindergarten, teachers and younger classmates was a time of reflection on the last year. Parents and all those present were shown what has been learned over the school year. They sang, recited, played games and laughed. It was amazing! There were beautiful tears of happiness. The children wept and applauded the parents as well. “At the final meeting it was a great family atmosphere,” describes teacher Piatriková, adding that “a new habit was introduced in the nursery, which was a great success – the giving of a special ribbon that symbolizes that they are soon to be first graders.” The gifts of books (dedicated to the Evangelical kindergarten) will remind the children of their days in the nursery.

Surprise for the teachers

In the final part of the program, the Small Giraffes prepared a big surprise for their teacher. Children wrote a poem “tailored” directly to the teachers and Miss Kraska, who made sure that everything was always nice and clean. Wonderful words and sincere smiles left not a dry eye. “Fortunately, the children planned the poem for the end of our meeting, otherwise we would have not been able to do any activities,” Zuzka Piatriková adds with a smile.

After the show, there was one more surprise for the children – delicious snacks and fantastic cake for the Small Giraffes, baked by their classmate Eliska Mazáková – assisted by her mother and older sister. “The cake had the names of all the Small Giraffes written on it. We have had kind of a small prom,” describes the experienced teacher, Mrs. Petra Banašová. The cake was cut and each child received a piece with his/her name on it.

As we were remembering the first day of the nursery three years ago, we look at the kids not as future school children, but as always OUR nursery. We have experienced much with these children and they will be dearly missed. We realize that, when something ends, something begins again. We wish you, our dear Small Giraffes, a very successful start at school. May you feel as good there as we have felt with you!

Your teachers

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