Lutheran Academy Students Score Well in Competitions

Students of Lutheran Academy in Martin have achieved above-average results in several different biblical competitions. These students are exemplary representatives of our school, and are exhibiting a good testimony to their own faith as well as their dedication to Gospel values.

Nationwide Biblical Olympics

As mentioned in a previous CCE newsletter, Lutheran Academy student, Zuzana Bulovska, was the overall winner of the entire Bible Olympics competition, turning in an incredible score of 99.17% The Bible has an important place in Zuzka’s daily reading. “I read the Bible often at noon, along with the daily devotions,” says Zuzka.

Second place in the national round of the Olympiad in Bible was won by Lutheran Academy pupil, Miriam Bulovska.

Spiritual song

Our students were also very successful in the national Spiritual Song competition. Through the singing of various religious songs in this contest, the life of faith and belief in God’s truth is commemorated and encouraged. It was Aurelius Augustine who first gave voice to the principle “he who sings, prays twice,” an idea that was later popularized by Martin Luther. The contestants in this competition endeavored to do this very thing.

These words could be the motto of every temple choir, orchestra, singer or listener who wants to serve his neighbor and have an open heart for God. Indeed, as the Apostle Paul says in Colossians: “in all wisdom, teach and admonish one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs,” and then “sing with gratitude in your hearts to our God” (Col 3, 16). The spiritual song contest, therefore, is a welcome and important activity.

Michal Gulán, a second grader at Lutheran Academy, won second place in his division, and among older students, Mary Hroboňová, a second year student at Lutheran Bilingual High School, also won second place.

Artistic Activity in Church Schools

Lutheran Academy was also represented at the Festival of Artistic Activity in church schools. Our musical students progressed to the gala evening performance in the 21st Annual “Days of Kosice,” held in Košice city (east of Slovakia, note).

As part of this event, performers in the three blocks of competition could receive a prize given by spectators. We were very excited when the Audience Award in one of the blocks was given to the students from Lutheran Academy!

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