Builders Group 2011

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  1. Brenda Fast says:


  2. Susan Thompson says:

    Watching Builders Group 2011 brought back happy memories of some of sights, people and activities – including three 2011 Builders sitting on a green bench our 2009 group painted!! Its wonderful to see the work now underway. Blessings to you all, every day and at Easter!

  3. Charlotte Mosqueira says:

    The Builders 2011 video was wonderful. It was so fun to see the progress and friends. I am looking forward to seeing the progress in July. God’s blessings. Charlotte

  4. Earl Brunberg says:

    Well, Denny still can order “Pivo”—and you have a picture to prove it! I’m wondering though how he’s allowed to wear a hat WITHOUT a “pivo” logo on it! It sure looks like Jeff won the argument about which way to put something (the Eiffel Tower appears on the later photo of him AND also on the one next to Denny)! Do the bags of cement/mastic have an English “directions” on them this year? The used to have 5 languages on them–none of them English! Just wondered who explained how to mix the stuff to them this year! EB

  5. Kim Cameron says:

    that video was very cool!!! saw some familiar faces!! can’t wait to see you this summer!!!

  6. Peggy Sontag says:

    Wow! Great job on the video. Very fun seeing all the familiar faces and activities.

  7. emily says:

    great slideshow!

  8. Horton Combs says:

    The Builders Group 2009 was my favorite till date. I am hoping to see something great next year as well.

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