Our Summer is Filled with Friendship

New Heights Church, Vancouver, WA

…for it will not be you speaking,
but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.
Matthew 10:20

I think all of us know this Bible verse very well. It becomes stronger when you are standing in front of your students who are lost in English grammar ☺. Suddenly you experience feelings mixed with encouragement, expectations and hope.

We have a special relationship with people from New Heights who are helping us lead and encourage people of all ages to learn and experience the love of Christ in our post-communist part of the world. That is why we are very blessed by our beloved friends from New Heights Church, Vancouver, WA again this year!

Along with our dear, faithful New Heights´s friends, we hope to show Christ’s love in all that we are saying and doing. May God be with all of us in this effort.

9 Years of Ministry in Slovakia!

New Heights team is serving in Martin, Slovakia, by teaching conversational English to Slovak citizens of various ages and preparing classrooms for the coming school year. Center for Christian Education in Martin (CCE) has had the privilege of partnering with them in a variety ways, including welcoming New Heights´ first short-term mission team in 2007.

The New Heights team is serving also via planning and staffing a weeklong camp for high school students from the Lutheran Academy in Martin, which is part of CCE. As to their purpose, the New Heights team states that their goal is …

“…to connect with the Slovak people in relevant ways
so they’ll be open to hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.“

For the purpose of teaching English, six or seven college students will be going along to work with the incoming high school freshmen at the Center for Christian Education (CCE) on Sunday. This model of ministry with youth has been used for several years and it works very well.

See the Miracle with Your Own Eyes!

We are very glad that our friends from New Heights Church can witness the last miracle that has happened at our campus. The CCE has been able to purchase a large building right next door to it’s current campus. We are currently working on converting this building, which formerly was a publishing house, into classrooms, office space, and a gym. For a school to obtain funding through a Slovak banking institution is a FIRST in Slovakia – which speaks well for the reputable standing the CCE has in this country.

We will work our hardest to repay the loan. We are determined to continue to be the best school in the region. However, we need to help with the reconstruction which takes about the same amount of money as the loan. Please, consider to helping us with the reconstruction. For more information please contact Mrs. Blythe Barreto.

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