US Ambassador visits CCE

What an unusual sight for Friday afternoon – a group of students and teachers still at school! As can be seen from their faces, this is obviously not a form of punishment. They all are in great expectation of a very special guest – the new US ambassador on his first-time visit to. The reason his brief visit in Martin also included a stopover at the Center for Christian Education is due to the excellent results of EFL education. How do they do it?

Slovak Ministry of Education demands that every pupil from grade one takes a second language (mostly English), yet it struggles to find qualified teachers to take on the challenge of bilingual education. While the textbooks and other resources are of good quality, the weakest point is good teachers (since many current teachers formerly taught Russian).

English songEveryone knows that to learn a foreign language well requires a frequent exposure to native speakers of that language, but a good US or UK teacher in Slovakia is very hard to find. First you would need to be willing to work for anything between 0 and 6,000 USD a year (an average Slovak teacher´s salary). In addition, you would be staying in a country that is not much cheaper to live in than the US or UK, not very exotic, not very open to strangers, and uses a rather obscure language. So why is CCE never short of such teachers? Because we partner with US churches and Christian institutions that generate dedicated volunteers. Their dedication, willingness to serve, to sacrifice their time, money, comfort, etc. result from their faith in the One who gave Himself for humankind.

After meeting with students and teachers, Theodore Sedgwick, the current US Ambassador in Slovakia, saw and recognized the different spirit of our school. Knowing only too well that this model can hardly be a part of the official State strategy for EFL education in Slovakia, he concluded that dedicated Christian volunteers are one of the reasons why the State and the church should work closely together. Simply, there are things that the church can do and does better and more effectively than the State. The result is beneficial for both society and Christian ministry. Thus, the once very atheistic city of Martin now recognizes our ministry by actively supporting the activities of CCE.

Thank God for our US volunteers!

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3 Responses to US Ambassador visits CCE

  1. Earl Brunberg says:

    Congratulations! I’m sorry I missed the Builders Group this year–but I was fortunate to have just met a guy that was there with the choir for the 10th anniversary! He sings in both of the St. Andrew’s choirs and knows Joe & Joanne Lunders very well! We had a leak in our sink drain–and he’s the townhouse complex’s contractor—so I had him check it out! We didn’t even know that we went to the same church until about 10 minutes ago! I’m sure I’ll see him again in the not to distant future (like this Thursday and Friday nights—and also Easter Sunday)—and he’ll be back to repair our wall and ceiling too! Love and prayers to all of you! EB

  2. Judy M. Steinhouse says:

    How wonderful to entertain the US Embassador. I am sure that he knows much more about CCE and the marvelous work being done there. I pray that whatever he may be able to due that will assist CCE will be done. Congratulations on your efforts to this point. God is trully working amongst all of you and He will continue to do His part – it is up to us to do our part.

  3. Dave and Lois Klostreich says:

    Great to read about the visit by our ambassador..great story and event. It is so good to hear how God is using the elementary school and Bible school to bring the Christian faith to Slovakia. We can’t make the trip this summer but hope to return in the future. Many blessings to you……
    Dave and Lois
    St. Andrew’s Lutheran

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