The Lord is with us! Worship Service at Lutheran Academy in Martin

The Lord guides our actions, leading us to a certain destination. Why does He do this? Because He has a prepared a plan for us. We do not always know what His plan is, or how it will all come together, but it’s really not important that we know all the details…

What is important is that the Lord knows how to guide our actions and that He will not forsake us on our journey. We recently celebrated this important truth during a worship service which took place in the Lutheran Academy. The service included a musical accompaniment by the school band.

Pastor Natalia Kacianova gave the message based on the life of Joseph in Genesis 39:2-3. She reminded us that although Joseph was rejected by his brothers, the Lord had not left him. The biblical text tells us that “The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered….the Lord was with him and whatever he did, the Lord crowned with success.”

“What does it mean when we say that the Lord is with someone?,” Pastor Kacianova asked. What it means is that the Lord leads our steps in order to fulfill a goal, or a purpose; even though, at the moment, it may seem that things are not working out as they should.

Joseph did not know what would happen—he did not know his future—but the Lord was with him, and everything that Joseph went through had importance—and led to a certain destination. God was with Joseph and crowned him with success in such a visible way, that even Potiphar, the Egyptian officer in the service of Pharaoh, could see it. Soon, the slave Joseph became the superintendent of all of Potiphar’s property, and eventually, he became Pharaoh’s right-hand man. He had power beyond anything he could have dreamed of back when he was caring for his father’s sheep.

“The Lord is with us” means that He has a plan for our lives. The fact that we go to school (or work) today and at this particular school, is part of His plan for our lives. Our classmates, our friends, our teachers, and our dreams—we have no idea how these will ultimately impact our lives. Only God knows that. The important thing for us to know is that the Lord is with us all the way…and that everything we have striven for this semester at school (for students as well as teachers) will one day make sense. Praise and Thanks be to Him!


Lord God, You who are always with us, thank You for everything we have learned. Let us know us that everything we have to deal with is important and
is part of Your plan. Remind us know that You are with us and that You have
a loving plan prepared for us. Amen.

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