Carnival for 1th and 2nd grade students had come to Martin

The Lutheran Elementary School in Martin was visited by Smurfs! How is this possible? Today was Carnival at our school—but this was no ordinary carnival. A Smurf was lost! And our school had to find him. Our task was to look for the sleepy one! :)

Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Handy, Brainy, Clumsy, Jokey, and Chef prepared several exciting tasks for the children in their first and second year of Lutheran Primary School. It was only after their successful completion of these tasks that they would be able to save our friend Sleepy Smurf from the evil Gargamel’s castle. Finally! The students completed all their tasks and their friend Sleepy Smurf was freed without any other major problem. {Whew!}

Students from the university program Missionary Work with Children and Youth (MPDM) played the popular cartoon figures with blue faces and white caps. The university students not only prepared the program and prizes that so pleased our youngest pupils, but they also created “Smurf Village” for the children to enjoy. One of the most popular of the day’s activities was the “Smurf Dance,” which had to be repeated twice because the kids loved it so much!

Several experienced carnival experts (!) judged the mask competition. Prizes for best masks went to the Dinosaur (3rd place), Bug (2nd place) and Tree (1st place). The jury gave out a full range of special prizes and commented on the originality and skillful hands of mothers and their children! The top prizes when to the home made masks showing the most creativity.

*** See also Carnival for 3rd and 4th grade – Saving a Smurf!! ***

This carnival for the children was prepared by students in their 3rd year of the Bachelor’s study program—Missionary Work with Children and Youth. This program is accredited by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Žilina. For more information go to the Department of Religious Studies webpage.
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