“We couldn’t wait for this…and it’s finally here!”

That’s how eager our kindergarten students were to finally go to ski school!

Ski training for our youngest students ran the third week of January (from 1/19 to 1/23) and was attended by sixteen children from both our classes. Every morning the little frogs (younger students) and the little giraffes (older kids) got on the bus that was waiting for them at Memorandum Square. The good news was that the recent snowfall enhanced not only our roads and pavements(!) but also the nearby ski resort at Jasenska Valley. The children were overjoyed!

The ski camp was also attended by kindergarten children from the nearby town of Vrútky, so our nursery children found new friends.

We left for Jasenska Valley early every morning so there was lots of time for skiing. It was an unreal experience to spend two hours on the slopes each day! The first day, our instructors taught us how to snow plow. The next day, we were divided into different groups according to ability, so we could work individually on our skiing technique.

On the third day, which ended up being the hardest day of skiing because of muscle soreness, we still mastered further improvement in our ski skills. In addition, we searched for treasure and found it—thanks to the Thorn treasure map which we had put together first. The fourth day, we wore carnival masks and our instructors wore them as well, which added to the fun for everyone!

On the fifth and last day of our ski training was the coveted race. The nursery children were divided into the groups they had been assigned to earlier in the week. It was the last and most challenging day, but the kids mastered it all. They received a lot of encouragement and praise from their parents, who came to support the children. In the Carnival at the end of the last day, our Lutheran Preschool students won 6 medals and diplomas were given to all the young skiers.

This was a very fun and successful week for all our young students.


(LA) is the largest of CCE’s institutions. It currently has 464 students in preschool and kindergarten, elementary and middle school levels (grades 1 – 4 and 5 – 9 respectively) and high school. With the state’s financial support, schools in Slovakia can provide only average programs, ordinary activities and pay average salaries to its employees. Just as any other accredited school in Slovakia, part of LA’s expenses is also covered by the state. Since the goal of Lutheran Academy is to excel over its competitors through providing distinctive school program, it engages into activities that other schools do not provide. Because of these additional activities, the state funding is sufficient to cover only up to 77% of the LA’s budget.

Please, prayerfully consider giving opportunities at Lutheran Academy and help to provide for more children to come and experience what it means to be educated in Christian environment.

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