“Alice in Wonderland” Comes to Martin

Most of us are familiar with the Lewis Carroll novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Like American children, Slovak children learn the story of Alice, whose adventure down the rabbit hole leads her to a series of locked doors of all sizes. Discovering a bottle on a table labeled “Drink Me,” she consumes the liquid and suddenly begins to shrink! Soon, she finds herself at the Lutheran Academy, surrounded by first-grade students.

Alice had no idea that so many children would be present at the school. Today, the children have an important goal: to enter the school as first-grade students.

Many characters from the “Alice in Wonderland” story greeted the students on that first day: the White Rabbit, the cards, the eaglet, the Duchess, the Cheshire cat, the March hare, the Mad Hatter—even the little mouse.

Accompanied by the fairytale characters, the children searched for chocolate treasure, matched their wits at rhyming with the March hare, and maneuvered their way across a life-sized chessboard. When they reached the gate to “Wonderland,” they were met by the white and red queens (the first-grade teachers). Each student received a certificate and a “magic” pen.

By mastering this first “exam,” our students became empowered to enter the “Wonderland” known as the Lutheran Academy.


The Lutheran Academy offers high-quality Christian education to elementary and high-school students. Since its opening in 2004 with a total enrollment of 25 first-graders, the Lutheran Academy has grown and thrives. Today, it ranks among the top ten schools in Slovakia—and is widely regarded as the best elementary school in Martin.

The Academy owes its success, in part, to the efforts of many American volunteers in Slovakia and the United States. To learn how you can support the work of the Lutheran Academy, CCE’s Director of Development, Sisa Schudichova, at sisa.schudichova@gmail.com.

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3 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland” Comes to Martin

  1. Judy Steinhouse says:

    Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year – 2015. Jesus is the Reason for the Season, but Jesus is the Reason for all Seasons.

  2. Judy Steinhouse says:

    This was a very cute, innovative way to welcome in the new first graders.

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