The ´School for life´ Helps in Deeply Rooted in Christian Values

Every day we realize how much God wants to work through us as parts of His body in the world. With better skills, we can be more useful in God’s kingdom and this is what is most important.

All 5th grade students were involved in a one week program called School for Life last week. Life skills were emphasized, including cooperation in class, how to handle stress, reading comprehension, critical thinking, respect for diversity, road safety, and dealing with the changes that occur during puberty. The project’s goal was to teach the students to apply these life skills in their studies, as well as in their everyday life.

Lectures were given by a psychologist, a school pastor, a policeman, and a doctor. “For each of them it was very important to bring the most useful information to students and help them better understand something other than ‘regular school information’, but also understand possible situations that could happen out of school,” explained school psychologist Denisa Potančoková.

Students learned how to understand and use much new, useful, and interesting information. They learned about Mind Maps and how to understand different types of text. Moreover, they endeavored to understand media and advertising. The students also learned to discriminate between important and unimportant information. At the end of the project, the students made posters illustrating the things they had learned. Some—about Safety on our Roads and The First aid – were very well done. The funniest poster was called “Trouble in the Time of Puberty!”

In the School for Life pupils learned “what principles, advantages and pitfalls have with working in a group, mutual communication or work on a common project”, explained teacher Ľuboš Froľo. We are very thankful to God, that it is possible to educate children also in these practical ways. We can see how much students are fascinated with the many topics presented in the School for Life project. Therefore, we are looking forward to how this study will benefit them in their future life and education.


School for Life supports the primary goal of the Lutheran Academy in Martin, which is personal and academic growth of each student. The school aims to create conditions in which children have space to fulfill their individual potential. Through academic training and educational programs children are encouraged to improve themselves personally and the ability to think critically.

We believe that the use of new knowledge and skills contribute to the education of creative personalities of our students – the honor of personalities that are deeply rooted in Christian values.

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