Lutheran Academy Awarded International Prize for Environmental Involvement

A prize given by the Middle European Group for Integration, “CEGI,” is awarded annually to the school that is most active in environmental education. This school year, this prestigious award went to the Lutheran Academy in Martin, which has, since its inception, focused on the development of ecological education in our school and the wider community.

Lutheran Academy focuses on organizing environmental activities of various kinds because conservation and the proper management of natural resources is considered to be part of its social responsibility. Because of this focus, the school is involved in a wide range of ecologically-friendly activities.

These activities have earned the school a number of prizes as well as some major awards. Academy students have won a projector, a mobile chemical laboratory, a table football, and a radio-CD player. The sixth grade class won a day-long entrance to the water park and high school students had the opportunity to visit a nuclear power plant. The biggest thing, ultimately, was the rare title given to the whole school by CEGI—Eco-School of the Year.

The title “Eco-School 2014″ was awarded on Wednesday, October 29, during the school worship service program. We were considering the Reformation of the Lutheran Church (Martin Luther’s reformation) during the worship service. In the context of remembering the victory of the Reformation, we also enjoyed the fact that Lutheran Academy leads its students in the management of natural resources so those resources are both protected and properly used. These environmental projects are for both students and their parents, not only as a part of non-standard education and an opportunity to gain rich practical knowledge, but also as a way to encourage the social responsibility of our students and their on-going participation in many important events in our area.

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  1. Judy Ssteinhouse says:

    This is just wonderful. What an amazing award. Congratulations on this prestigious award for your school,

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