I am a Child of God – Worship Service for High School Students

The worship service for high school students has some very specific attributes. One is that it operates in a ‘dual form,’ being taught in both Slovak and English. Another is that it is sometimes led by our favorite American lecturers at the Lutheran Academy. Student worship services are held every other week during the school year.

Teacher Tomáš Gulán spoke to the high school students during a worship service recently. His message was based on the letter to the Galatians, where the apostle Paul explains that the Law acted as a human tutor, teaching the people what was right and wrong, until Christ came. Through Christ, however, we were justified by faith, “so the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith” (Gal. 3:24).

We learned that even if everything else in the world works on the principle of merit (for example, the report cards we receive to show how much we have learned during the school year), in Christ, this is not true. The principle of merit doesn’t apply because of what Christ has done!

All of us have received a gift from God—His grace. However, once we are God’s children, we are called to serve Him. It is not easy to be a Christian! On the contrary, as Christians we are (among many other things) obliged to help the needy, to speak the truth, and to know how to admit our mistakes.

“You’re in a school where there are stricter rules than in other schools, but you should always remember that you have a gift that is the grace of God. You should also know that you are to be bearers of that Grace and that you are always loved, even with the stricter (Christian) school rules,” added teacher Tomáš.

As a sign of peace, students were asked to encourage their classmates by handing out short inscribed messages about God’s love to people.


We are thankful to God that American lecturers join us and teach the children and staff of Lutheran Preschool, Lutheran Elementary School, and Lutheran High School. Our experience shows that a native English-speaking teacher trained in Christian education brings a new dimension to LES, enriching not only the children but the staff and parents, as well.

As the LES wants to ensure the continuity of English-speaking teachers among its staff, every year it appreciatively welcomes those American teachers who follow the calling of God to teach and serve abroad for at least one school year.

If your schedule, other engagements, or current conditions do not allow you to serve as a teacher at LES, please prayerfully consider supporting someone with the desire, but insufficient funds, to come and teach. Annual LES expenses connected with having one American teacher on staff amounts to $16,000 USD.

For more information, please contact Sisa Schudichova, the Director of Development at sisa.schudichova@cce.sk.

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