Let’s drink from our water springs!

Lutheran Academy in Martin recently participated in a project exploring the nearby water spring called “Necpaly”. This mineral spring is the biggest one of out 33 in our region of Slovakia.

Necpaly is an important source of high quality drinking water for Martin and its surroundings. The average yield of this water source is 447.83 liters (118 gallons) per second, which is rightly regarded as the most abundant water source in the whole area. It is also considered one of the purest sources of water in Europe.

The goal of this project was called “Let’s drink from our water springs”. This project involved the whole school, from elementary school to high school. The students studied the spring in the classroom about how it is captured, filtered and distributed. At the conclusion of learning about the spring, the students took a day long field trip to see it.

Another goal for this project was connecting the high school students with the primary grades. The high schoolers prepared lessons for the field trip, including games for their younger schoolmates. The teens introduced unusual chemical and physical experiments using water for the younger ones. The little ones loved it! Once on the field trip, the older students had enriching activities for the grade schoolers as well. The field trip ended with a lunch of homemade cakes, cheese, fruit, and even bacon cooked on an open fire.

This experience was a success for the children. They learned how important it is to respect and protect a precious resource, as well as how important it is to respect and protect each other.

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  1. Judy Steinhouse says:

    What a great experience for all of them. Great idea for the whole school. Keep up the wonderful work.

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