Improvements to Worship service according to our second grade students

Order of Sunday´s Lutheran Worship service was compiled by George Tranovsky, based on the principles of Martin Luther´s reformation. Serious window on this topic you can found at the bottom of the text. It is interesting that if it was according to the 2nd grade students in Lutheran elementary school in Martin, Lutheran worship services would have experienced modern reform. Take a look how it would be like ;)

1. What bothers me most on the Sunday Lutheran worship service?

  • It bothers me that there is talking about hard things that I either don´t understand or bores me, or those that I have already know.
  • On the Sunday worship services I would like to have more songs, because I think we sing not a lot.
  • I would like to receive candy bar after every 5′s Sunday worship services.
  • On the Sunday worship services bothers me that after the service do not give us any competitions.
  • I think that Sunday worship service should have a different name, for example “Competition´s service.”
  • I think that as a part of worship service should be a Sunday school BUT, children have to visit it only if they wanted to.

2. How should the church look like?

  • It would be great if they were larger benches in the church so parents would have more space and better view on everything.
  • In the church should be many sorts of decorations depend on which kind of holidays are we in.
  • I would like to have green walls in the church, less noise and greater rainbow speakers.
  • 3. How should the service of God look like?
  • Sunday worship service should last from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Sunday worship service should have a longer program, so about 90 minutes: so 30 minutes will be for singing, 10 minutes for praying, 20 minutes for competition and 10 minutes of tidbits :)
  • It should be there to do exactly what you want: for example to learn about God and so on. There should be mega trampoline, swimming pool and some snacks.
  • There should be possible to do any cake!
  • On Sunday worship service should be different action games, but also normal games and peaceful games. What is important is that we may win something.
  • At worship services should be longer theatre.
  • There should be a chocolate fountain and different types of massage.


Lutheran worship services

Martin Luther was aimed at the restoration of the church. His main principle in his effort was principle of Holy Scripture. The Reformation introduced into the Sunday worship services maternity language in Church. The focus (center) of worship services has become a sermon because Luther’s Reformation renewal based on the word of God. Into the worship services have become also singing, reading the Holy Scripture and praying.

Schedules or order for Lutheran worship service had compiled by Slovak, George Tranovsky, who based on the principles of reformation. Essence of Lutheran worship service was not changed from Tranovsky´s times. Tranovsky laid a solid foundation that can withstand of different directions (pietism, rationalism) and that solid foundation focus on changing the nature of God’s service.

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