Building project 2011

Building paintingOur ministry is constantly growing (significant part of it being that every year we are adding extra grade to our Luther Elementary School (LES)). Therefore there are necessary building upgrades and reconstructions that need to be done this year.

We are planning two major projects this year. First, a reconstruction of the second floor of the former preschool to create 3 new classrooms and 2 offices (plus restrooms). The deadline of this reconstruction is the end of June 2011, since as of September new students of LES will be using the facilities. The budget of the reconstruction is 72,000 USD, of which larger portion is already covered. As of today we still need 18,000 USD to be able to complete the reconstruction.

Our second building project covers doubling the size of our small dinning hall and kitchen. The deadline for this reconstruction is August 2011. The budget of this project is 30,000 USD, of which we still need to raise 20,000 USD.

We are grateful to all sponsors and volunteers (both American and Slovak) who have helped with their share during last years´ reconstruction. We look forward to the builders´ group coming in April. If you are ready to help us grow in any way, please let us know at

For a detailed photo-report of work done in 2010 please check: and

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2 Responses to Building project 2011

  1. Gus Blanchard says:

    It is truly wonderful to see all the growth and progress that continues year after year. I’m really admiring and proud of you all. And I know God is smiling! Blessings – Gus

  2. judith adolfson says:

    We have designated money to be sent through the Lutheran Community Foundationa and you will recieve it soon. hope it will help. So happy we can be a part of what you do.

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