Be Passed Without a Collision on the Traffic Field

2nd Graders go to “Traffic School”!

With the summer holidays upon us, there is a higher frequency of traffic accidents involving children. Because of this, 2nd grade students at Lutheran Elementary School have traditionally participated in traffic safety education at this time. This year was no exception.

The great number of children being involved in traffic accidents is the main reason the current Slovak education system gives this type of education ‘the green light.’ Traffic safety education takes place in the Slovak school program in the elementary school curricula, as well as in pre-school education.

Traffic education, aimed at the acquisition of practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, is the purpose of traffic school. LES children visited the traffic playground on the north side of Martin, where they were able to take part in special practice sessions. This is much more extensive than what usually takes place in the Slovak education system. Students normally sit in classrooms where they read about different situations that could happen on the road, on their way to school, or beside their playground in the city. “It’s helpful that the children can see how situations causing accidents can happen and experience the different possibilities,” said 2nd grade teacher, Monika Laučeková, explaining her view on the necessity of the special lesson.

Students met at the traffic playground with their helmets on their heads and excited about learning. They had the opportunity to test their own knowledge from traffic education through different interactive activities on-site at the playground. “The students acquired the basic information for the class during the school year in the school subject called Geography Science”, adds teacher Monika.

Students got to drive a car in the traffic field, in addition to learning the theory lessons in the classroom. They were given a number of variable activities that simulate different situations on the road. “Pupils became drivers of different types of vehicles,” says Monika Laučeková, adding that “the pupils enjoyed their day in traffic very much.” Combining learning with fun is a great combination and an added bonus to the regular basic education that takes place in many Slovak schools.

The traffic field is comprised of more than 140 square meters of asphalt. It also includes renovated trails, a playground, and many helpful signs and traffic lights. The second grade students deserve great praise for their strict adherence to the traffic rules and their great job driving! One of the students even had the opportunity to experience the role of the police officer who directed the traffic of the other children. He did it very well! The traffic education event ended very successfully—with many new skills, fun, experiential learning, lots of smiles, and what really matters—with no collisions!

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