Interview with Emily Ender

picture of Emily EnderEmily Ender (23) works as a volunteer teaching English at the Lutheran Elementary School (LES) in Martin. We asked her a few questions about her motivation and experience from Slovakia.

Emily, what motivated you to come to Slovakia?

Since early high school I have always wanted to be involved in overseas missions. I truly never expected to end up in eastern Europe until I got connected to Vision Slovakia through my church. The decision to move to Slovakia and become a teacher was a very natural transitional move- there was no pro and con list going, it all just happened.

Is your perception of life any different since you came to Slovakia?

Being here in Slovakia has definitely changed me significantly. I am much more relaxed, and outgoing. There is more room to be creative in all aspects of life. In Martin it seems that the culture is “if you can imagine it, you can do it”. This attitude has a strong presence at the bible school- and luckily, its contagious.

Did you experience any cultural shock when you came to the Slovakia?

The hardest change I had to make was learning to be flexible and go with the flow. Culture here is much more laid back – its a good thing, but hard to adjust to. My first weeks of teaching I expected to m

uch from my students, and myself. You cant create a healthy learning environment in one day. It takes a while. Learning to be a teacher in a foreign place is definitely a challenge.

What is your most favorite thing about Martin?

My favorite thing about Martin is the community at the Bible School. First, it was hard to find my place, where I fit, who my friends are, and how I could fully take advantage of my opportunities. Now I’ve found my place, surrounded by people who are supportive, understanding and compassionate. I am living amongst my second family.

Emily with her students

with Domino :) | Emily - teaching

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