Quality and Christian Values in Education are also Appreciated by Parents

Students in the Lutheran Elementary School in Martin affirm that, in the long run, they are among the best students in our region of Slovakia. They are all the more pleased that, in addition to achievements in their academic education, they also experience many improvements in their own personal and spiritual growth while attending this school.

Positives of Learning

The average number of pupils in each of the classes in this Lutheran elementary school is less than 20. This number is much lower than the average number of students in public schools in Slovakia. This lower number of students in the class allows more opportunity for individual interaction of the teacher with his/her students. Furthermore, the teacher can more easily respond to the individual needs of students thus more effectively eliminating negative factors which can impede healthy student interaction. These factors have resulted in additional notable recognition of our school: For the third consecutive year the Lutheran Elementary School has met the rigorous criteria for UNICEF, so that it has again received UNICEF’s certificate called ´Child-Friendly School´.

Parent´s Recommendation

Such positive comments have come not only from the Lutheran Elementary School’s pupils and teachers, but from students’ parents as well. For example, Mr. Marton, the father of a pupil formerly in the Lutheran Elementary School who now is a student in the Lutheran high school, said:

“Until 2011, my son attended a different elementary school in the city, but despite this school’s excellent reputation in both sports and strict academic standards, my son was not happy there. That city school was unable to give him satisfaction in academic achievement or character growth. Therefore, during our son´s 7th grade year we requested that he be transferred to the Lutheran Elementary School. We made this request based upon both the recommendations of many friends as well as the great reputation of the Lutheran Elementary School in Martin. Today, our whole family can honestly say it was the best move that we could have taken for the sake of our child.

While our son had quite good grades on his final report from his last school, but he knew less than half the information that his new classmates had at the Lutheran Elementary School. But today he has no problem understanding movies in English nor speaking English fluently when traveling abroad. Not surprisingly the standard of teaching other subjects in the Lutheran Elementary School is very high as well. In addition, there are many different school activities – worthwhile trips through Slovakia as well as trips abroad, competitions, etc.

Finally, let me emphasize one more important point, and that is the individual personal dimension I have observed at the Lutheran Academy. Yes, the teachers at the school are strict, but in the same moment the students find their teachers approachable and considerate. Students are not afraid to go to teachers with their problems, because teachers are always willing and happy to give guidance to them.”

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