Parents Return to School: Students Become the Teachers

“Celebrating Learning” is an extremely popular activity in the Lutheran Elementary School. This activity focuses on the presentation of students’ skills and abilities to their parents. Each class determines how it wants to share its “celebration.” 6th grade students recently spent a memorable afternoon in class with their parents, grandparents, and siblings. ☺.

“Celebrating Learning” returned parents of 6th grade students back to school and to the classroom. The aim of the activity was to check parents’ previously-acquired knowledge of the Slovak language, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, and even physical education. Their children, as well as students at the Lutheran High School (LES), were happily prepared to test the parents on their “knowledge review.”

Students were excited about taking on the role of teachers. Parents were possibly not as excited about becoming students again! “Although it sounds a bit scary, it was all about fun and quality time together,” stated 6th grade teacher, Monika Zaborska. “The program ‘Celebrating Learning’ began with the premise that all participants would do well and no one would leave feeling intimidated,” Zaborska added. Parents were divided into small groups so they could pass through the different courses and fulfill the tasks students had prepared for them.

The physical education lesson required shooting a basketball at the goal. In the biology class, parents planted flowers and named different types of tree’s leaves. Physics and chemistry students created an attractive presentation on water. When everything was done, parents were quizzed on all they had learned! “We had a good time. We laughed a lot and, what is most important, we realized that our children have it tough sometimes, too,” said one mother appreciatively at the end of the session.

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