Timothy Program Honors First Graduates

Six students at the Center for Christian Education recently completed the Timothy program, a two-year degree program that prepares individuals to serve as youth ministers in Lutheran congregations throughout Slovakia.

Along with a focus on biblical and theological education, the comprehensive program offers hands-on experience developing youth programs, Sunday worship services and community ministry. Personal growth and faith formation are important aspects of the program. Graduates are prepared to coordinate youth work in their regions.

After completing the program, students have the option of transferring their credits and working toward a bachelor’s degree at the University of Zilina, a partner of the Center for Christian Education. The three-year program, which leads to a degree in mission work with children and youth, is conferred by the university’s Department of Religious Studies.

“I am grateful for the preparation I received at the Center for Christian Education,” said CCE graduate Jakub Ferko. “I look forward to working with youth and families in my home church in Hanusovce nad Topl’ou.”

Other 2014 Timothy program graduates include Jakub Ferko (from Hanušovce nad Topľou), Matej Hanzo (from Hanušovce nad Topľou), Martin Kmec (from Hankovce), Marianna Kuchariková (from Marhaň), Málusová Kristína (from Žilina), Pavol Studenič (from Dolný Kubín).

Congratulations and God’s blessings on all of them!

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