Lutheran High School Students are Engaged in the Fight Against Corruption

A nonprofit association “Proti Korupcii” (Against the Corruption) had a literary contest entitled, WE WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT BRIBES AND CORRUPTION. Students of our Lutheran High School in Martin participated in this competition. Andy Snováková, freshman at LHS became the winner of this competition, earning a very nice prize for her efforts in discussing illegal acts.

The total number of recorded offenses of corruption in Slovakia totaled 370 for the last calendar year. Activities of Strategic Plan for Fighting Against Corruption (Slovak formal organization for fight against corruption) can also usefully aid in civil initiatives. They can positively contribute to the education and efforts to reduce the crime of corruption. Another organization active in anti-corruption field is the nonprofit association Proti Korupcii (Against the corruption) which aims to “provide assistance in the fight against corruption and cronyism, but also to expose corruption and abuse of public resources.”

Proti Korupcii (Against the Corruption) has revealed that the topic of fighting corruption is very appropriate and indeed welcome in Slovak society. The organization brought idea about competition focused on corruption, because it wanted to motivate students to learn about corruption even at schools, within a specific school subject. The ideas about corruption soon became an important part of many school lessons.

Truth and purity of heart are more

Students´ participation in the competition focusing on corruption in our Lutheran High School began as a result of a special homework given to students by an angry teacher. “Our teacher got so mad us because of our irresponsible attitude in doing homework that she decided to punish us with a unique homework – we had to write an essay on a topic of corruption,” recalls Andy Snováková, 1st grade student (freshman) at the Lutheran High School and winner of the competition.

Each competitor had the same challenge – a specific topic, which represented two sets of issues. The aim of the first range of issues was to describe an individual’s personal contact with corruption and subsequent reflection on corruption or its consequences for people or society. Lutheran High School student, Andy, chose to concentrate on the second challenge, which dealt with the problem of corruption in its theoretical meaning. Andy was wondering why people pay bribes, why some politicians lie and how this corruption can happen in our country.

“I decided to write my essay on the topic of truth and purity of the human heart because it is more than a life lived in deceit and cheating and I do not regret my decision,” says Andy. She added that she did not have trouble writing the essay stating “corruption is a widespread issue nowadays.”

Andy Sováková appreciates the efforts of her teachers to engage students in activities that go beyond standard of scheduled high school education. “The truth is, more than self-interest,

I wrote essay for the satisfaction of the teacher than to win the prize (although I love the bicycle very much). Because of my teacher and her interest of my essay, I decided to send my paper into the competition,” recalls Andy, adding that she actually didn´t know how, but she “came to a new bicycle!”

In this story, we can see the Center for Christian Education´s effort to lead people of all ages to Christ also during the formation of their values. We are very happy that we can see many good fruits of our ministry in Martin. Lutheran High School wants to attract new students with exciting programs and valuable activities that its competitors do not provide. However, these additional activities require the need for extra financial support. Please, prayerfully consider an opportunity to support students or activities of Lutheran High School. For more information about specific ways of support, please contact, our Director of Development, or check the latest Lutheran High School giving opportunities.

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