School in Afghanistan is DONE – Construction Process Finished, Education Can Starts

A fund-raising project initiated by the Lutheran-associated school in Martin has continued the tradition of several years of social projects. These projects were services like serving Martin’s Lutheran church in Ukraine and serving refugees from Somalia, who were forced to leave their homes due to the civil war.

AWRC Organization (Afghan Women Resource Centre), which cooperates with NGO ‘People in Peril’ and by which also Lutheran elementary school in Martin, organized during the last school year a fundraiser for building the Institute of Vocational Education in Carikar in Parwan Province, Afghanistan. We are pleased to see the finish of a new institute.

Learning about a foreign country and its culture through a variety of activities was the result of a month-long process of social project in our school. Let us remind you that the social project concluded by handing over a symbolic check to a staff member of NGO ‘People in Peril’.

Students of The Lutheran Elementary School in Martin managed to collect in total 1400 EUR to help in Afghanistan. Thanks to this support, the recent construction of the institute is coming to a successful finish! This week, Afghanistan boys will be able to start their higher vocational education in agriculture and girls will concentrate on management and journalism.

The Lutheran Elementary School (LES) currently has 304 students in elementary and middle school levels (grades 1 – 4 and 5 – 9 respectively). Since LES strives to excel over other schools in the town, it wants to attract new students with exciting program and activities its competitors do not provide. However, these additional activities ask for extra financial support. Although the LES is one of the few schools in the whole region where tuition is mandatory, due to financial stress of many families, it cannot be covered to its full range.

Please, prayerfully consider giving opportunities at the LES and help to provide for more children to come and experience what it means to be educated in a Christian environment.

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