Homework, this time for the parents!

There was a big change in the Lutheran preschool in Martin a few days ago! Homework was done, not by the preschool children, but by their parents!

To make the day fun, creative, and interesting, parents had to prepare their homework. Their task was to bring in any materials that people consider ‘Spring-like.’ The parents turned their imaginations on and came to preschool with lots of ideas and lots of materials. Coltsfoots, stones, snowdrops, yellow eggs, and colorful dried flowers were piled on a small preschool-sized table.

The collected materials were used to create Spring decorations, small ornaments, and floral creations. The children really enjoyed working with their parents. Each of them created a number of beautiful crafts with a Spring theme. “The children loved participating in the Spring workshop with their parents. The parents also enjoyed the time together because they stayed for quite awhile!” said preschool director, Petra Banasova.

Staff agreed that it was wonderful to watch parents and children work together. “It was amazing to watch you, dear parents, and the enthusiasm with which you and your children created such beautiful Spring products,” adds P. Banasova.

The LES (Lutheran Elementary School) truly appreciates the trust shown by parents when they bring their children to be educated in a Christian environment. As the school’s mission is not only to influence the children themselves but also to reach their families and friends, the more opportunities the school has to do so, the more successful its mission is. Therefore, the school is especially thankful for those families that do see the value of Christian education and bring more than one child to the LES. The school wants to lighten the financial burden of these families by allowing them to apply for reduced tuition.

By supporting a child listed in Family Fund for 160 USD a year (or 16 USD a month), you can help motivate families to invest in their children’s education and personal growth in their faith.

For more information about the Family Fund, please contact the principal of the LES – Mr. Jozef Sopoliga at jozef.sopoliga@ezsmt.sk

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