Pre-schoolers ‘Give’ Back

“True beauty is not always found in a springy gait or youthful appearance. True beauty is shown in the wisdom that looks out of kindly eyes, and in gentle words spoken to children. It is often accompanied by wrinkles and white hair, and when people see such beauty, they know it for what it is.”

Love and respect for older people is an important value and is something we strive to teach our children. In the cultural program at Lutheran preschool, students have been reminded of the importance of respect for the elderly. Through the program, preschool children met with members of the handcraft club of the Lutheran church congregation in Martin. The dear ‘aunties’ in the handcraft club are well known for their great generosity and willingness to help wherever needed. Their handy products have traveled far outside of Slovakia, to brothers and sisters, friends and ministry partners abroad. Their beautiful embroidery, shirts, and bookmarks bring great joy and smiles on the faces of our neighbors.

To express our thanks for the handcraft team’s service in our church, we decided to do something nice for them. The preschool children visited the team and presented a program to them. The ‘aunties’ were delighted with the children’s songs and poems. An extra surprise came when the children presented gifts they had made themselves to the ones who usually give to others!

The ‘aunties’ rewarded the children with hugs and gifts of sweet chocolate, which the children liked very much! After spending a wonderful time together, we parted with warm and happy feelings. We left convinced that giving and serving others is the best gift. :)

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  1. Larry Fast says:

    Oh, how I love these dear “aunties”! I have numerous items of their needlework crafts here in our home in Washington. And, I have given many of these beautiful works of art to our friends. One of my dearest treasures is the lovely Slovak blouse they custom designed for me while we lived there in Martin. Thank you, dear Pre-school children, for honoring these precious folks.

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