“Clean Up in Your Life“, was theme of Student´s Worship Service

We moved to year 623 BC. where king Josiah lives. There we saw a young king – Bohdan Hroboň, the director of Center for Christian Education in Martin. The program contained many wonderful songs and a short drama prepared by the students of Missions for their younger schoolmates.

Bohdan Hroboň, the director of Center for Christian Education in Martin reminded us of a very interesting fact – Josiah had become a king as a boy of 8 years old. One of his first decisions was to clean up entire temple (church). And here our story begins …. ☺

* * *

Servants of King Josiah found wooden plates with God’s 10 commandments while cleaning the temple. The wooden plates were lost; they were forgotten. King Josiah was scared of it, because he couldn´t found anything the commandments that God provided for His people. Even the most fundamental and the very first commandment – you will have no other gods before Me – had been violated!

The young King and also people around him started to read the Bible. It was the first order (command) of the young King Josiah. Every one of them learned to “take the theory seriously and practice it” recalled B. Hrobon. Director of CCE reminded everyone that biblical theory and its implementation to the practical activities is called, “Josiah Reform.”

The young eight-year-old King Josiah took God seriously! He started to make order in his life and he urged others to do it as well. All of us have more than eight years… more than King Josiah. Therefore, we are obliged to clean up our lives as well. How?

We know how to clean up our lives very well:
- We know that there is no need to denigrate
- We know which words are nice and which words are ugly
- We know on which site on the internet we may not to click
- We know how to behave properly…

Clean up your life. If you don´t know how to start, it is completely okay. Neither did Josiah know how to start. What did he do? He began to read Holy Scripture – the Bible. In the Bible,King Josiah found instructions about how to live properly.

How can we start? We may read the Bible and take God and His words in our lives seriously!

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