School´s leadership is interested in students’ opinions

It is very unusual to have a Student Council in Slovak schools. Lutheran Academy is nevertheless a place where freedom and communication among students are very important stimuli for learning and growth. Student Council therefore hasn´t been missed here!

“Behind the idea about student government in Lutheran Academy is one of the main school´s principles – provide education where is own opinion, creativity and good ideas important and included to final decision of the school head”, said principal of Lutheran Academy, Jozef Sopoliga. Therefore, a secret election was arranged for those who will represent all students in the school. There were elections for three student positions – 1) Chairman of the Student Council, 2) Deputy Chairman and 3) Alternates for both of these positions.

There were eleven candidates for three positions who will represent the interests of all students at the academy. Andy Snováková, freshmen, will be Chairmain of the Lutheran Academy. Her Deputy will be a 9th grade student and alternate of both girls is Daniel, the freshmen of Lutheran Academy. New opinions, ideas or insights related to the education system, school´s activities or other activities, will be communicated to the head of the school through the newly-elected students. Principal J. Sopoliga therefore ready to hear new incentives and inspiration from the three representatives. All of us have joy from the positive approach to creativity and new ideas that the new chairman of the student council, deputy of chairman and alternate will bring to our school system.

Tens students voted their representative that day. The election was not required. We are very happy that students seize the opportunities to be a part of the important decision about education and growth.

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