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Newspapers provide many in-depth analyzes today, but are not as popular because of the radio and television. When we compare these forms of media, we see that newspapers are at a disadvantage these days. However, the great advantage of print media is its ability to explain many details of events whereas television or radio don´t have time for other detailed context. The newest form of media, the internet, can use and connect all media properties. Its impact on recipients is unimaginable thanks to “friend”, “status”, “likes”, “news” and “events” which happen every day online.

We are online every day. “Education about media is part of many subjects of education in our school; therefore, I think education about media should be a separate subject with special curriculum”, said Dana Bednárová, the Secret Power Media Project coordinator at the Lutheran school in Martin.

This opinion is following a multilateral project called “Secret Power Media”, which is taking place for the second year in our school. “We are delighted that the second year of the international project started in Lutheran elementary school in Martin, in Slovakia and we can welcome students and their teachers who came from Sweden, Turkey, Poland or Catalonia”, recalled Dan Bednárová.

The main goal of international cooperation between schools is an attempt to search for answers to the following questions: How big is the power of media? and How does media affect the behavior and thinking of humans? Students should acquire the ability to analyze media, to understand it, and to realize (also) the negative media influence. Students should understand the positives and negatives of media through a variety of activities they done through the project.

One of the first tasks that the students had to do in media project was a recording and processing of video with a celebrity who was a hockey captain of Martin´s hockey team, Michal Beran. Students interviewed with him the topics of ´peace and tolerance´. Next, the meeting pupils produced many creative gifts. Later they visited the digitalization environment by Slovak Digital Library which belongs to the National Slovak library where students could see process of digitalization books, documents and archive resources. On the final part of the international project, ´Secret power of the media´ students visited Christian television Lux from Banská Bystrica. They had a opportunity to stand in the position of cameramen and presenters which really liked.

A highlight of the project was that it was also an interesting leisure student activities. We mention, for example, the visit to the Railway Museum in Vrútky and the walk around the Harmanec´s cave. Here the students could see rich underground spaces, massive stalagmites or quantity of wintering bats. The natural beauty of this walk took us more than 2760 meters.. Many students after this visit said that “the walk on top of the cave was indeed challenging for some, but it was excellent!”

Pupils received a great experience in producing a large amount of new information during the media project has once again confirmed the fact of the countless “truths” that are taking place every day in the media. We need to realize the power and influence of media. Subsequently, we have to know media´s influence on society and the selection of positive and negative media information; and, how to understand them and how to use them properly.

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