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Study of teaching religious education in combination with English, math or missionary work with children and youth (the MPDM) is possible in the Department of Mediamatiky (Mediamatics – math + media) of the cultural Heritage of the University of Zilina. In the cluster of technological and communication fields on which university is focused, this opportunity has already been noticed by many students. The new freshmen have gathered on the occasion of their Matriculation.

A boring-sounding phrase – a solemn act of matriculation – was actually enjoyable event. For the event of Matriculation students of all fields of study the Humanities. Academic officials of Zilina University gathered.

An appointment letter in the curriculum MPDM was received by Mgr. Katarína Valčová, PhD. The decree allows her to be a helpful “extended arm” of Žilina University in communicating with students. After receiving decrees was the composition of the matriculation ceremony vows of the students. Student committed to the protection of honor and reputation of the university, as well as the responsible approach to the study.

Receiving matriculation certificates were Lucia Boháčová (student of study program “Teaching of English and religious education”), and Theresa Andrisová (student of study program “Missionary work with children and youth”).

The matriculation ceremony was concluded by Dean of Faculty of Humanities, University of Zilina, doc. PaedDr. Vlasta Cabanová, PhD.


Humanities of University of Zilina, under which belong organizations and courses Teaching English and Lutheran religious education, teaching of mathematics and religious education and Lutheran missionary work with children and youth, was established in 1998 and today serves as the department, particularly integrating science branches. Science now has six departments.

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