Our Kids Look Forward to the Beginning of Preschool

The children of Lutheran elementary preschool have adapted very well. They can venture into and recognize the world around them.

For a child, the beginning of the year is a big change. Holiday and warm summer days are replaced with autumn weather, a regular school schedule and waking up early. These things contribute to the reluctance of kids in going to school very often. Psychologists advise and encourage parents to have an optimistic attitude as it can influent on their children in a positive way. “The basic thing is parent´s optimism, sense of humor and faith with big confidence that each child will get used to change”, said psychologist Mary Tóthová.

The teachers of the Lutheran elementary preschool agreed that children are handling the beginning of school in an excellent manner! This fact led to less change in the organization of the kids’ schedule. “Children were completely positive with fewer changes of their preschool´s regime”, said teacher Zuzka. “Children are also still called “little frogs” and “bigger giraffes” and they really like it”, add teacher. Children visit old-new instructor Benjamin Lee Chandler from USA. Children enjoy crafts with him very much! “We have art Tuesdays, because children create interesting things and have also dancing. We sing on Wednesdays, we paint on the Thursdays and our week ends with English as a game which is managed by Helen Doronn.” This describes the whole week for preschool teacher Zuzka.

Children have many attractive activities ahead – they are going to the “magic kingdom of the health”, where they will cooperate with their parents on the crafts and will also play with dragons (things from paper which are flying in the wind, held by the children). October is a month that honors the elderly. Therefore children prepare some little program for their parents and especially for grandparents this month They will perform many short poems and songs. The main part of the performance will be a short drama about Snow White. We heard that Snow White is the favorite character these days in our preschool ☺

We started the second school year in preschool much more satisfied. We have deeply joy that everything that we are doing is doing to the glory of our Lord. Therefore, together we ask Him for His guidance and love.

(HeHe-T <><)

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