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A long time effort to integrate the English language into the study of other subjects is one of the reasons why Lutheran Academy is one of the best schools in Slovakia. This educational strategy has resulted in two special classes being offered that cannot be found in any other school in Slovakia.

The two classes are being offered to 8th grade students. They are “Science in English Language” and “Humanities in English Language”. The students are enjoying the practical aspects of Science in English Language taught by British instructor James Baxter. Students recently took water from the Turiec, the biggest river in this area, and analyzed it for ph content. They surveyed the samples for the presence of nitrites and phosphates.

To find the answers, students used the “Detective Suitcase for Environmental Research” which earlier students won in a competition for the best environmental projects in Slovakia.

“When I took the test-tube and waited for the results of our water sample, I felt like a real scientist”, said one of students. His friend added: “It is great that we can use our knowledge in practical ways through experiments and also practice and expand our vocabulary.” And what were the results of the water experiment in our area? “The result of our experiment surprised me because I thought our water would be contaminated more than it is,” said student Rasťo, with good news about Slovak water in Martin.

Students of Lutheran Academy have very good results in many competitions thanks to this educational strategy. The use of English in teaching various subjects has proven to be very effective – Lutheran Academy is rated higher than 96% of others schools in Slovakia. “Our school has the ambition to give its students an overall high quality of education, but also a wider dimension of education through implementing English into many other subjects,” said school director Jozef Sopoliga. “An education method called CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is one of the most important priorities of our school. For Lutheran Academy it is also a big help in comparing our results with that of other Slovak schools.”

See also this short video of our student’s presentations in English:

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2 Responses to Science in English

  1. KJ Bach says:

    Vd’aka. dobrá prezentácia. Keep up the good work with your science and with your English.

  2. Mary Schultz says:

    Hello students,
    After viewing this presentation, I am applauding you. My admiration for your personal learning along with the teaching and direction of your school is strong and powerfully hopeful. May you be live long learners!
    Mary Schultz

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