Christmas Greeting

Dear friends and partners who share with us the vision of Christian education ministry.

We are grateful for yet another year full of God´s miracles at the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia.

From the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia, we wish you a blessed time of Christmas and a happy New Year. We pray that our Father´s providence will guide and bless us all in the days to come.

Požehnané Vianoce a šťastný Nový rok.

CCE staff

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3 Responses to Christmas Greeting

  1. Kim Cameron says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our wonderful friends in Martin. Watching your video made me homesick for Martin! May God’s blessings touch you all in abundance!!! love you all!!!

    Kim Cameron

  2. Don Swanson says:

    Juraj, Tomas, Michal, Adrian, Bohdan, Jozef, Natalia, Sisa, Slavka,

    What a gift your Vimeo/video was to receive! I enjoyed hearing your voices and seeing your faces. I cannot wait until July 2011 when we will be with you all again.
    Also, the new website looks wonderful.
    Have a Blessed Christmas. I wish you all great things in 2011.

    God’s peace,

  3. Susan Thompson says:

    Dear Friends,
    Dan Thorson has just sent me the link to your website. How I enjoyed even today, at the end of January, seeing and hearing your Christmas greetings! I’ll never forget the things I learned and all the blessings I received when our Builder’s Group visited you in April/May 2009. Thank you again. May God’s continue to shower blessings on the Center for Christian Education and on all of you.
    Susan Thompson

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