Student´s School Magazine Won the First Place!

Students of the Lutheran Elementary School in Martin won first place in the students’ competition of school magazines. Our student magazine, called “News Under the Nose,” is very popular in its paper form and also its online version,which has many links and other interactive features, like videos and links to websites and social networks.

We understood that an online version of student magazine is very practical for parents and friends of the school and it is more available for many readers outside of the school. The school is therefore more open to bigger communities in our church, our town, and outside society. Information about our school is also available to different places in the world. On the other hand, we want to protect nature. The school magazine in its online version doesn’t need many papers. It is very fast, environmentally friendly, and economical.

The 10 year-long international competition for the best school magazine was organized by the library of Anton Habovštiak in Dolný Kubín with some universities and representatives of regional periodicals. The goal of this competition is discover, promote, and develop journalistic talent and student creativity in elementary schools.

The chef editor of the student magazine and teacher in Lutheran Elementary School Dušan Haško said that “the first place is mainly the result of teamwork this year.” Over the whole year, many students and teachers participated on many articles, new poems, and stories. “It was sometimes really hard to choose which articles are the best”, said chef editor Dušan.

Many interesting activities happening every day in our school are very important too. Without persistent and dutiful work of teachers and without creative students we could not create articles, which are interesting for readers. Therefore we are very glad and proud of our students and thankful for the huge perseverance on the side of our teachers.

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