4th Grade Student, Peter, Teaches about the Universe in the Lutheran Preschool

Peter introduced himself at the beginning of the session and told about his school—the Lutheran Elementary School. He had prepared a DVD with some images to grab the kids’ attention and then he presented twelve paragraphs about the universe. For each of the topics he used images from books and downloaded videos. At the end of the discussion, the children were able to look through the books that Peter brought with him. The children from the preschool asked questions, which he answered. He really and truly served his little friends.

Peter wanted to tell the children how the universe was created. He talked about the sun and our solar system, and described all the planets and their moons. The preschool children were entertained as he spoke about dwarf planets, asteroids, meteorites, comets, and meteors. In his lecture, he also mentioned the stars in the universe, statistics about the solar system, and black holes.

Peter became interested in the universe on his “nameday,” when he received an encyclopedia. He found the topic “the universe,” and has been fascinated ever since. Now, his family only buys books about the universe, encyclopedias, and globes of all sizes. In the meantime, he’s added other topics that interest him, including prehistory, maps, and the Bible. He almost sleeps with books! :)

What does Peter like most about studying the universe? “I wonder what is behind it, what is behind the sky, behind the planet Earth, behind the solar system.” He would like to know where the universe ends and how and why everything works in the universe! “I’m especially interested in the solar system.”

What surprised Peter the most about his lecture to the preschool children? “Talking to the children in simple terms about the universe was the hardest for me. I wanted to tell them everything clearly. I liked it when they understood me and could answer my questions. What I really liked the most was that they liked my presentation!”

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  1. Irmgard Swanson says:

    What a wonderful accomplishment for Peter! Besides enjoying books, he evidently also has learned how to use multi-media. I am glad he was aware of having to talk in more simple terms for his audience. Their participation shows he did well. Good job!

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